of the
new era.

Photo sourced from Canberra times[1]

Having a bite to eat for lunch, or meeting friends for a drink after your exams are some of the memories which almost every student who had attended the ANU possesses. With The Uni Pub already closed and other facilities following close behind - the bustling heart of the university is making way for newer times.  

The once iconic Union Court will soon be knocked down, and in its place a $220 million revamp[1] of the university will sit. With undercover parking, a new pool, facilities, and new accommodation to be expected to open in September 2019.

Mixed reception can be seen throughout the campus from current business owners and students alike.  With students either graduating before the unveiling, which may feel that they’re stuck in limbo land, too late to experience the old culture, too early to see the new, and those excited to see the centre, verse those who will miss the original lay out.  

Business owners have been offered pop up stalls in the meantime to cater for the area until the new court is built. However the Canberra Times reported on at least one instance where this appeared to cause discontent within the commercial lease agreement after allegedly being offered a smaller space for the same rent. [2]

As a tribute the students, past and current, were offered the opportunity to leave their mark on the grounds of Union Court, as pictured above. A last farewell, to what one of the past students describes as the soul of the university.