Property Cleaning List

  • Ensure walls, doors and skirting boards are free from dust, cobwebs      and scuff marks
  • Carpets are vacuumed and professionally steam cleaned
  • Dust and clean out light fittings, making sure that all blown bulbs are replaced
  • Light switches and surrounds are cleaned free from dirt and grime
  • Windows and screens are cleaned
  • Window sills and sliding door tracks are cleaned from of dirt and bugs
  • Venetian and Vertical blinds are wiped cleaned
  • Curtains are professionally cleaned
  • Tiled flooring are swept cleaned and mopped
  • Check for any safety issues
  • Ensure door stoppers have been installed
  • Ensure windows, sliding doors slide freely
  • Ensure all doors shut correctly, and all handles and locks are working

  • Hotplates are cleaned free from grease and burnt on marks
  • Oven including racks, pans and griller are clean
  • Sink is wiped clean
  • Cupboards and drawers are wiped clean on inside, cupboard and drawer fronts and handles
  • Ensure all drawers slide freely
  • Bench tops are wiped clean
  • Range Hood is cleaned free from grease
  • Splash backs are cleaned free from grease and dirt
  • Dishwashers, Microwaves and any other appliances included in the property are wiped clean inside and out.
  • Shower screens and recesses are cleaned free from soap scum and mould
  • Toilets are cleaned using a disinfectant or disinfectant toilet cleaner
  • Mirrors are cleaned
  • Vanity and cupboards are cleaned and wiped
  • Ensure all drawers slide freely
  • Bath tubs are cleaned with a bathroom cleaning product
  • Exhaust fan are cleaned free from dust

  • Clothes dryers are to have their lint filter cleaned out
  • Walls are cleaned free from dust and scuff marks
  • Tubs are wiped clean
  • Floors are swept and mopped

  • Lawns are cut and tidy
  • Gardens are left in a tidy condition
  • Property exterior is left tidy and free from rubbish
  • Guttering and downpipes are clear

  • Floor is swept and cleaned
  • All belongings are removed