Mawson in the 1970's

Mawson in the early 70’s... doesn’t sound that long ago. But let me paint you a picture. Canberra was still a young city - everything (mostly) was sparkling and new. Even though the site was proposed back in 1913, as was the vision which Walter Burley Griffin birthed, wars and political movement caused economic slumps which halted process.

Fast forward to the years between 1957 and 1966, at the beginning the population was at 39,000 and growth had meant the city needed more houses. Between these years the Parliamentary Triangle, Kings Avenue, Commonwealth Avenue, The Mint, The National library, The Treasury, and Civic Square were constructed. By the end, the population was 100,000, this beautiful new city was the fastest growing in all of Australia. As such new “population and economic centres” were needed. Woden Valley was the first site, followed by Belconnen. By the year 1972 the population had grown to 150,000, and conception drawings of medium density housing for Swinger Hill and the Woden Town Centre showed what the area was to become.

Australia is still at War, this time fighting over in Vietnam, the front page of the Canberra Times (3rd January 1970) wrought with stories of a fight far away. Nestled in the bottom right corner of the front page.. A Real estate advertisement showing homes for sale.
Pictures, articles and newspapers show the time to be one of great vision, Canberra was growing fast – and the greatest were employed to design it.

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